Krispy Kreme in Malaysia - The First Store

To all doughnut lovers, Krispy Kreme doughnuts will open their first store at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur on 10 am, this 27th April 2009. The first person in the line at the grand opening event will win the GOLDEN TICKET with 1 year's supply of the Original Glazed Doughnut! The second will win SILVER ticket (6 month's supply of doughnuts) and the 3rd person will win BRONZE ticket (3 month's supply). 4th to 100th winner will win 1 month supply of doughnouts and the 100th to 300th will get Krispy Kreme mug. Ahahah I can't imagine how the lines will gonna be at outside of the store to win that prizes!

This is the event programme for that day :

9:00am to 11.00am
9.00am : Arrival of media, celebrities and guest Registration
9.30am : Welcome note by Emcee
9.35am :Speech by Dato’ Francis Lee, Executive Director, Berjaya Group
9.42am : Speech by Jeff Welch, President, International Operations, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.
9.48am : Speech by US Embassy Ambassador
10.00am : Official launch of Malaysia’s first Krispy Kreme store Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
10:10am : Prize – giving ceremony of Golden, Silver and Bronze Ticket winners
10.15am : Photo opportunity of 1st, 2nd and 3rd customer walking in
10.30am : Special performance by Noryn Aziz
10.45am : Emcee wraps up
11am : Event ends

Lets have a preview of some of the doughnuts which make me drooling xP :

Original Glazed Doughnut
The Original glazed doughnouts which is very soft and sweet.

Almond Oll Over DOughnut
Full topped of almonds nuts slice with dark chocolate icing, creating an extra krispy indulgence for chocolate doughnut's lover.

Coppucino Kreme
For those who can't resist the taste of coffee.

Hershey's Cookies and Creme
For those who loves Hershey's Cookies, you just can't miss it. Topped off with a coating of rich kreme icing and sprinkle cookies all over.

Chocolate Sprinkle

Using traditional yeast, The Chocolate Iced Doughnut ring were dipped in colourful sprinkles, making this doughnut a favourite with the yound and the young at the heart.

Prices are Rm2.50 for the original glazed and RM2.80 for assorted doughnuts. A dozen of original glazed doughnuts will cost you RM19.90 and RM33.90 for 2 dozen. A dozen of pre-assorted doughnuts are RM23.90. Special offer for doughnuts lovers, a dozen of pre-assorted varities with a dozen of original glazed will cost you RM37.90!

Look for the Krispy Kreme light. If the hot light is on, means, HOT original glazed doughnuts are on the way!

So, dont forget for the launch ceremony on 10am, 27th April at Berjaya Times Square. I will be there waiting for you , with kreme doughnuts on my hands. XP

Check out their websites:


  1. huaaaaaaaaaaa huaaaaaaaaaaaa


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  2. starz : hahah jejomzz. aku nak pg beraturr.
    ko balik biler??

  3. ahahah looks like big apple donuts and J&Co will have an extra competition!

  4. hahaha. thenn dunkins can close shop edy


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