Lomo Effect

Do you know what is Lomographic? Lomographic is a casual snapshot photography with an over saturated color and exposure,colorful and sometimes blurry images resulted from Lomo camera. I just know about Lomo this morning and I just fall in love with Lomo. But hey, what is Lomo? Lomo camera? I'll try to update more about Lomo on my next post because I need to go sleep right now. Huhuh

So, here are some of my Lomo images (when did you buy that camera??) XD :

On the roof of Sunway Pyramid

Take this after having breakfast at cafe


  1. my sister


    apsal ada aku =.=

  2. hehe.
    pantang aku ckp aku suke, ko pon suke jugak? haaha

  3. skali lagi... her post this time sebenarnya serampang 2 atau 3 mata.

    1.. promote picture...
    2.. promote laptop,
    3.. citer pasal lomo effect.

  4. aku pon x mampu nk beli camera smata2 utk lomo. so same2 la kita mengedit gamba2 utk mendapatkan effect yg serupa...


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