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So, mari aku cerita sikit pasal 'SEED DORMANCY & PRE-TREATMENT'.

What is dormancy? dormancy is a period of time where the growth or development, and the physical activity is suspended for temporarily. Contohnya haiwan yang mengalami hibernasi, pokok ru di musim dingin.

Talking about seed, a mature and live seed which not germinate when placed under the suitable condition is said to be dormant. So, how to make dormant seeds germinate? By doing pre-culture or pre-treatment to the seed.

The most common methods is by exposing the seeds to warmth or cold for a periods of time. We can place the seeds outdoors, mixed with moisture and aerated medium ( sand/compost medium).

Seed Pre-treatment.
Firstly, the seeds must be moist. Seeds that been stored for any length time need to be soak in water for 1-2 days. The functions is :

  1. Seeds will take up water
  2. Some germination inhibitors(penghalang) in seed coat are removed

The method in pre-treatment. There are 2 types of method.

Stratification method

  • Seeds are mixed with a moisture and aeratated medium ( contain of coarse, sieved peat-alternative, coarse sand) in 50:50 ratio by volume. The mixture should be moist but no waterlogged to ensure that seeds remain the moistm, but the exchange of gases is not inhibited.

Hot Water treatment

  • Before sowing,the seeds are placed in a heatproof container and 2 or 3 times their volume of boiling water is poured over them. Left in cooling for 24 hours and ready for sowing.

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